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Created:Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Members: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 11:00 eastern (20 days ago)
Public: Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 11:36 eastern
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Countries:available in USA
Details:Today is World Backup Day:
While not a widely celebrated holiday, World Backup Day happens on the day before April Fools' Day to encourage everyone to backup their data regularly. This is a nice reminder, since most people never backup their data.

Backups means original copies of photos, videos, and important documents are kept in more than one place.

All your photos live on Facebook, so no need for backups, right?

If you do not have a copy somewhere else, your photos are at risk of being lost. Imagine waking up tomorrow, finding your Facebook history has been deleted, and losing every photo and video that you thought would be there forever.

Fortunately, Facebook provides way to download your data.

Where to start?
  1. Make a list of what is important to you.
    • What would you be heartbroken if lost forever? Photos and videos taken? Documents, code, and your wrote?
  2. Make a list of where your important things are kept.
    • How many photos are on your phone? Thousands?
    • Do you keep photos on Facebook or other social media?
    • Where do you keep your old résumé, last year's tax documents, school records, and other documents that you spent time working on?
  3. Choose one or two backup storage options. This means hooking up an external hard drive, uploading to a cloud provider, or downloading your entire Facebook history.
How much backup space do you need?
  • Each 1 TB capacity can store about 200,000 photos taken from a phone, about 14,000 uncompressed photos taken from a SLR/Mirrorless camera, or about 14 hours of recorded video in HD quality.
As the years go by, you may need several TB of capacity to keep your important files.

Cloud storage providers:
  • Amazon Prime Photos unlimited free photo storage for Prime members. Storing videos and other files does cost extra. Amazon Prime membership costs $119/year.
  • pCloud gives 10 GB of storage for free. They also offer one-time payment plans of $175 for lifetime 500GB storage, and $350 for lifetime 2TB.
  • Apple iCloud costs $3/month for 200GB, or $10/month for 2TB storage. Works great with Apple devices.
  • Google One costs $20/year for 100GB, or $100/year for 2TB. Works well with Android phones.
  • iDrive costs $52.12 for 5TB for the first year, then $69.50/year. This is the best valued cloud storage option on this list.
  • Microsoft OneDrive costs $70/year for 1TB storage. Comes with Microsoft Office.
  • Dropbox costs $10/month for 2TB storage.
  • costs $60/year for 200GB, or $96/year for 2TB.
Cloud providers offer reliable storage that can be organized online and accessed from anywhere. The downsides. There is a monthly or yearly fee for the service, and your initial backup can take days if your Internet upload speed is slow. The security of your private files is only as strong as the strength of your password.

Buying a hard drive for your self will be cheaper over time, than cloud storage services, because the drive is yours forever without a recurring cost. Hard drive backups can also be easier when using computer software. You have total control over the security of your private files, since they are as safe as keeping the physical drive in a safe place at home. You can optionally use data encryption software, to protect against a thief making off with your personal files.

Deals on some external drives that you can plug-in to your computer: Deals on M.2 SSD storage, for upgrading a computer's internal storage, or use in an enclosure: In our opinion, to have the best backups:
  • Make a list of the most important files to backup,
  • Spend time, at least one day per year, backing-up your files, and
  • Keep two copies of your backups. One backup copy on a hard drive inside your home, and another at a cloud provider.

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